Cap de Creus Corall

75% Lledoner Negre, 20% Cariñena, 5% Lledoner Roig

Cap de Creus Corall is a blend of Lledoner Negre and Cariñena. It is a cherry red colour and has bright reflections. On the nose, it stands out for its distinct fruity expression with the presence of red berries (strawberry and raspberry) on a background of Mediterranean grass that gives this wine great freshness.
In the mouth, it is immediately sweet which is typical of the Lledoner Negre and Lledoner Roig varieties, and it is enhanced by the character of the Cariñena grape which is intensified by the Tramuntana wind that blows in the Empordà region. Spicy sensations are revealed in the finish which are typical of the fine slate soils where the vineyards grow.




Fermentation in stainless steel vats with 18 days of maceration and brief pumping over to gently extract the varietal potential. Fermentation is carried out at a temperature of 24ºC in order to find the optimum balance between structure and aroma. Malolactic fermentation and subsequent blending.


A wine that harmonizes with stews, sea and mountain rice or chicken with crayfish, among others.


The Cap de Creus range embraces a selection of local varieties from the Alt Empordà region where the headland of Cap de Creus overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, where the Tramuntana wind blows and where vines grow on Pyrenean fine slate soil (licorella); these natural features shape the character of these wines.

These wines are faithful to the place where they come from. They are the authentic expression of a territory of unique beauty, of the exceptional soil where the vineyards grow, of the identity of local varieties and of the influence of the powerful Tramuntana wind.